"This was such a wonderful
experience, Susi. Thank

you for sharing. Life, both

personal and professional,
is more understood through

- Angela Alba
Marketing and Advertising



Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Professional Coach


Awarded 2019 "Best of Albuquerque for Life Coaching"
Albuquerque, NM
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Training Workshops

"She was organized,
articulate and

passionate in the
presentation of her
planned material,

as well as grounded,
thoughtful and
inspiring during

the lengthy question

and  answer period
that followed.

Susi Wolf has
the three elements

needed to

develop and deliver

a dynamic program:
passion, knowledge

and experience."

- Lani Peterson,
Chair of the
Healing Story

"Susi Wolf is

passionate about

spreading the

EFT-Tapping word

to enable 'newbies'

to learn self-care

and self-healing. In

the group setting,

her take-charge-


manner sets

everyone at ease.

Her humor makes

the lessons more

palatable. Feedback

from our group

said "bring her

back again"!

With love and appreciation -
Marj Reed, EFTappers

Susi Wolf, Life Coach in Albuquerque, NM
Susi Wolf - Workshop Trainer

Group Clapping

I love teaching. Always have. And over the years I have taught a variety of workshops including life skills, job readiness, computers, financial literacy, human relations, entrepreneurship, business development, zoology and animal techniques, performance art, clowning, storytelling, and more.

I’ll always teach. It’s just part of who I am. As a life coach, I want to make classes available for you and others to expand your learning in a group setting. The following are some of the ones I offer but I can customize training classes also.


Change Your Words, Change Your Life
Personal Stories For Empowerment.

Woman Jumping in AirA full-day or half-day workshop focusing on the Empowerment of Storytelling .This class guides participants into storytelling for women’s empowerment. We all carry life experiences within our bodies, minds and spirit. This participatory class teaches how to tell our own stories and solicit freedom from fear, negativity, illness or whatever issue precludes our enjoying life to the fullest. After listening to worldwide healing and sacred folktales, we will discuss how these varied stories relate to our own personal story and to each other. Included in the class will be writing opportunities, interactive exercises and group discussions to aid in finding our individual tales. Also, each student will create an "Empowerment Story" art card to keep. Here is a sample of one I did:

 Empowerment Story Art Card

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
Improving Self-Esteem
Self-esteem isn't like a cool pair of sneakers that you'd love to get but you don't have to have it. A Girl Looking In Mirrorperson needs to have self-esteem. Good self-esteem is important because it allows you to hold your head high and feel proud of yourself. It gives you the courage to try new things and the power to believe in yourself. It lets you respect yourself, even when you make mistakes. And when you respect yourself, others usually respect you too. Good self-esteem helps you know that every part of you is worth caring about.

I Think I’m Gonna Scream!
Using EFT-Tapping For Stress Relief and Other Issues
Stress is a reality in our modern world. We all are subject to the ill effects of hurried lives, hurried jobs, Stressed Man on Phoneand hurried family activities. This proven workshop is designed to help you identify stress and how it impacts your life. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as "Tapping" is a combination of ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern techniques.  It was modified from an earlier version and further developed by Gary Craig. Basically, it is the discovery that certain negative factors (stress, health problems, depression, trauma, etc.) create blockages within our energy system. Think of a huge freeway system internally and there are “accidents” or “bottlenecks” that stop the traffic flow. Using EFT, these blocks are released and the energy flow is reestablished within the body. Today practitioners worldwide are experiencing amazing success with clients using this simple method. First a client determines what issue(s) they want to address. Then I help them develop certain statements to make while we are doing EFT – I refer to it as “Story Tapping” because we are really tapping on their Story. Then following an approved pattern of meridian (or energy) points, together we verbalize the statements and tap on these energy areas. I have personally experienced phenomenal success with cravings and stress release using EFT on a regular basis. We’re all in this together…so breathe!

Hollow Bones
A Shaman's Journey in a Modern World 

Susi Wolf shares what her journey as a Shaman means, how she was called into this work and what it entails. She hopes to dispel some of the misnomers about shamanism so attendees will have a more accurate understanding of how this ancient tradition works within a modern society. Open and conversant, Susi will present her work in an authentic discussion so others have an opportunity to broaden their perceptions how being a shaman is an ancient, powerful, and effective healing method. This workshop will include eclectic group discussion, interactive exercises, drumming/rattling, and, of course, storytelling!

"Susi Wolf  is magical! She will open your mind and your soul.
Spend time with her and you will be a better person

- Lola S., Colorado


Contact: Susi Wolf, CMLC & CPC - Wolf Life Coaching & Healing

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tel: 505.881.1220
Email: susi@wolflifecoaching.com

Also visit Susi Wolf at Wolfsong Creative
For additional storytelling information.
Web: www.wolfsongcreative.com

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